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Good news, you CAN eliminate toxins from your body. But not all strategies are created equal. Read on and you'll discover...How To Get Rid Of The Toxins In Your Body
The best and worst of competing detox methods that are popular now.

How supplements can sometimes do more harm than good.

And the trick to restoring your body after a successful detox.

Most Detox Diets Don't Work!

The Straight Truth - Right And Wrong Ways To Rid Your Body Of Toxins... Other salesmen have an invested interest in "selling" you their method of ridding your body of toxins. They want to keep you buying their supplements month after month. That's not the case here.

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84 common toxins you are likely being exposed to each and every day in the foods you eat, products you use and the air you breathe. (Pages 5-19)

The truth about detox diets. (Pages 20-22)

You definitely should avoid detox diets if you fit one of these categories... (Page 22)

How some people become addicted to detox diets. (Pages 20-22)

How to use Herbal Body Wraps to remove toxins, including a recipe of herbs and oils that remains very popular with spas. (Page 23)

6 tips for getting the most out of your body wrap sessions. (Pages 24-25)

The toxins-reducing power of epsom salt baths (and how to prepare them). (Page 25)

What you need to know about Herbal Detox pills. (Page 27)

8 tips for selecting vitamin supplements. (Pages 27-29)

5 recommended vitamin supplements. (Pages 29-30)

How unethical entrepreneurs prey on unsuspecting victims with false information about toxins. (Pages 30-33)

A complete 7-Day Tissue Detox Plan - recipes included. (Pages 33-34)

When vitamins are not the answer for getting your proper nutrients. (Pages 35-36)

Will overdosing on vitamins help or harm you? (Pages 36-37)

The history of the "Food Pyramid." (Pages 41-45)

10 tips for making eating a wide variety of nutritious foods easy as pie. (Pages 47-49)

6 important diet tips the US Government released to the public in 2005. (Page 42)

Important tips to remember from the new and improved Food Pyramid. (Pages 43-45)

And there’s MUCH more!

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